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Professional Enabler

Works as a Freelancer via Perturbaris  with the focus on personal coaching, training und innovation-sparring.

Speaker,  Subject Author,  Individualist. Gen Y and NewWork Enthusiast.


I am a open minded and creative guy, who likes to enable and facilitate improvement and change. 

I love "aha-moments" , deep and constructive conversations as well as going beyond normative thinking and find viable solutions, experiencing perturbations and innovative outcomes.

I love going out into nature, my music and good cooking sessions.


Leadership Enabler & Organizational Agility - Trivago GmbH

  • Help the company embrace their leadership and improvement speed
  • Train-the-Trainer Trainings
  • Learning Format implementation for Agile Coaches and for Strategy Facilitators
  • Leadership Coach & Enabler
  • Leadership-Role-Model implementation Consultant

Viability Manager & Leadership Coach -  Jimdo GmbH

  • Leadership Coach for all management levels. Consult and find viable solutions for change and improvement. Responsible for the further education through trainings and workshops regarding soft skill topics.
  • Inhouse lecturer of the Harvard-Manage-Mentor for all management levels.  Working with agile mindset and technics 

Co Founder Perturbaris

  • Working as a personal coach (leadership, transition/ change, disruptive thinking, decision making, innovation),
  • trainer (softskill topics) and group moderator (small to big groups, from design thinking to open space).
  • Working as a university lecturer at private universities of applied sciences and university of hamburg. Mission: Bring formats, structure and coaching to startups and bigger cooperations. help to learn through management trainings/ education.

Coach the Coach at Westbund-Seminar TEN SING

  • Help Coaches to professionalize their skills and enable them to reach their momentum when needed.

Lectureship hamburg  university

  • Teammanagement-topics regarding effectiveness, group dynamics, facilitation and new agile appraches.
  • Gender: behaviour - attribution - reflection. Raising the awareness about ethnomethodology, constructivism and society regarding gender and gender mainstreaming.

Lectureship college of higher education at  Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (FHM) GmbH bielefeld and hannover

  • teammanagement: Group dynamics, group moderation, presentation skills, management, improvement
  • strategic career planning: Usp, application documents, selfimprovement, job interviews selfmanagement/ Selfmarketing: Usp, selfimprovement, scenario technique, further education.

Train the trainer at the german wide TEN SING Seminar

  • Enable trainers to professionalize their methodic and didactic skills in order to bring their trainings to the next level. 

Inhouse personal coach at Otto (GmbH & Co KG)

  • Transition, disruptive thinking, strengthen strengths.

Member of research-team at university of bielefeld 

  • Conception, field research and evaluation of the Bebanthen child-poverty-study under the direction of Prof. Dr. S. Andresen.

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Nils Schnell

Professional Enabler und kreativer Querdenker